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Our Story

Growing up on Guanaja, an island off the remote coast of Honduras, gifted me with an irreplaceable experience. The tenacity and work ethic I possess can be traced back to my roots. My family instilled in me strong morals and a fierce sense of independence, values that were cherished in our close-knit community. These qualities are beautifully reflected in a heartwarming story from my childhood, when my sisters and I happily assisted in managing a small, family-owned sandwich shop. Interacting with customers and creating the most delicious shakes, sandwiches, and snacks on the island brought me immense joy.

Drawing from my life experiences, personal outlook, and interests, I am thrilled to introduce Danny's Coffee & Friends. This warm and welcoming space aims to serve a little taste of tropical paradise, bringing people together as strangers and leaving as lifelong friends. It's a place where you can escape to the tranquility of a tropical island, even if just for a moment, while enjoying delectable treats and the company of kindred spirits.